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ERREELLE- italia
Efficiency at the best price/ Only for hair salons
Glamor Professional for your hair is developed around a single philosophy: to offer consumers effective products at the best price. The innovative technology and the high quality standard of coloring, shampoos and other treatments guarantee extraordinary results for all types of hair.
Salon owners
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Brand "made in Italy" can be found both in Italy and in many countries around the world, in the universe of hair beauty. Our research laboratories develop a range of safe and easy-to-use products, dedicating their continuous technical innovations to women and men.
Errelle story
For over 30 years
https://www.erreelleitalia.com/azienda-erreelle/ In the professional sector
Erreelle Italia srl was born from a thirty-year history, developed through different phases. An Italian company that produces and markets "MADE IN ITALY" beauty and hair care products. Our cosmetics are entirely created, produced and packaged in Italy. Each product is carefully scrutinized both in the formulation phase and in the production phase to ensure customer safety and quality.
The continuous investments have enabled Erreelle Italia to establish itself in the national and international market.
Today, the company represents a consolidated reality in more than 20 countries around the world.